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Little Smile Dental Checkup


Little Smile Dental Checkup


According to the latest data over 51 million school hours are lost each year due to poor dental health world over. Over 50% of the school children don’t see the dentists. Encouraging children to look after their teeth from a young age makes them more likely to have good oral hygiene as an adult.

Little Smile Dental clinic was invited to conduct a dental check up for the students of Pre- primary and Primary class students at Nasr Boys School. Reputed dentists Dr. Sampath Reddy, Dr. Vimala Reddy and Dr. Sathwika of Little Smile Mobile Dental Hospital examined the students. The students were curious to enter the mobile bus Clinique. For many of them it was their first dental examination.  As a part of the checkup the dentists examined the children to make sure all teeth are developing normally and that there are no dental problems. They further advised the students on proper oral hygiene. A detailed report was sent to the parent for follow up.  

The little kids were later seen busy discussing their experience and their dental reports with their buddies and teachers.  ��

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