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Literary feed at British Library

Extra Curricular

Literary feed at British Library


Books are the gateway to the world, they are a feast for the imagination, and lift you above the humdrum existence of our life.

To feast your eyes on rows and rows of books, is a veritable delight. Apart from entertaining us books are a fount of knowledge. Libraries hence are the single most important institutions that are able to encourage reading and open a world of discovery for students.

It is a proven fact that students learn better when they access libraries and the resource material available therein.  The atmosphere of the library itself is conducive to learning.

Students of Class V B visited the British library, to observe and assimilate the various resources available for learning and to enable them to realize that it is important to be part of such institutions that will be an important asset on their path of learning, in the present as well as the future.

Students were shown how to access online teaching aids, to learn English online and the sheer variety of books left them amazed.

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