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Rampant hunting and poaching, widespread habitat destruction and increasingly shrinking forest habitats have caused tiger populations to plummet from an estimated 100,000 individuals in 1910 to 3,200 individuals in 2010. Tiger has been named as one of the threatened species on the IUCN Red list.

Governments of various countries including India have taken up the task of tiger conservation. Project Tiger was launched in April 1973 by the Government of India during Prime Minister Indira Gandhi‘s tenure. The project aims at ensuring a viable population of Bengal tigers in their natural habitats and protecting them from extinction. A number of Ex- Site programmes were also started as a part of tiger conservation, with the intention of increasing tiger population through captive breeding. Nehru Zoological Park at Hyderabad is one such center for Ex – Situ tiger conservation.

The management and students of Nasr Boys School, Gachibowli, Hyderabad has always been passionate about tiger conservation. The movement at Nasr Boys started in 2012 when it hosted its first week long Tiger fest. This led to adoption of Tigress Aparna at the Nehru Zoological Park. Consequently one of the cubs of Aparna was adopted and named as Vikas. Vikas is now an adult and has been sent to another facility under the tiger exchange programme. The spirit and dedication towards tiger conservation continued when the students of class X installed two camera traps at Amrabad Tiger Reserve to facilitate Tiger censes in 2018.

The zeal soar when Nasr Students got the opportunity to adopt the 2yaer 10 months white tiger – Khavi for one year. The formal adoption was scheduled on 20th February, 2019 at the Nehru Zoological Park. A cheque of Rupee one lakh was presented to the zoo curator Smt. N. Kshitija, IFS. From the management of Nasr Education Society Honourable Chairperson, Begum Anees Khan, Secretary, Nawab Mir Kutubuddin Khan, CEO and Principal Nasr Boys School, Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed and the Director finance, Mir Jamaluddin Hammad were present at the zoo for adoption of Khavi. Hundred students which included the members of various clubs at Nasr Boys had the privilege to be there. 

The programme began with a prayer song by Nasr Choir group. Principal Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed addressed the gathering which was followed by the presentation of the cheque. The curator Smt. N. Kshitija, IFS, addressed the students and thanked the school for their role in bringing awareness on Tiger adoption and conservation.

The students were excited to see the Khavi – the white tiger, in its enclosure.  The students of various clubs then proceeded with their activities. Nasr Nature Club did a food chain activity to understand the importance of tiger at the apex of the ecosystem. They also made pug mark of the tiger on plaster of Paris. The members of the literary club made a story line on tiger Vikas that the school had adopted earlier. The book will be published with illustrations by the art club students. The art club was busy making poster on tiger conservation. The members of the tourism club took up the task of comparing the zoo in other countries with the zoo in India. They made a project on what activities can be taken up to attract more tourists to the Nehru Zoological Park. The members of science made a presentation on ‘Science behind the Tiger’, detailing the biotic and abiotic conditions required for sustenance of tiger. The members of the media club made a video log on ‘Tiger adoption by Nasr’.

The day ended with the sense of responsibility amongst the students, to do more for Mother Earth and save the precious resources it has provided the humans. 

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